Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scott Has Experience Breaking Through Gridlock to Create Jobs  

Election Day: 11 Reasons in 7 Days to Support Scott Peters for Congress

San Diego -- The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today continued its 11 Reasons in 7 Days to support Peters over Tea Party candidate and 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray in the California’s new 52nd Congressional District.

Reason #1: Scott has experience breaking through gridlock to create jobs, a skill Washington, D.C. desperately needs.

In 2000, the construction of the downtown ballpark had stopped because of conflicts of interest involving a former councilmember. Scott campaigned for the ballpark as a community member in 1998, convinced it would be a catalyst for rehabilitating the blighted East Village area of downtown. As a councilmember, he led the effort to restart the project. He removed the conflicts of interest, the bonds were issued and the ballpark opened. Now the East Village is energized and beautiful, and a part of the city that used to be a drain on city resources is a showcase ballpark that has sparked $1.2 billion in new direct private spending and more than 19,000 jobs. Watch Video

Scott has experience breaking through gridlock and logjams, a skill Washington, D.C. desperately needs to help turn around a flagging economy and create jobs.

Over the past seven days our campaign has provided tangible examples of Scott’s ability to work across party lines and achieve consensus to get results, and create jobs. His work to get the downtown ballpark jumpstarted and completed is a great example of this. It was mired in conflict and people were frustrated by the City’s inability to break through the gridlock to achieve progress on this important civic project.  Scott is running for Congress to bring this San Diego approach to Washington.

When President Bill Clinton endorsed Scott, he called San Diego his “exhibit A about why creative cooperation works better than constant conflict…If you vote for him, everyday he can stand up on the floor of Congress and give one of those little 1 minute speeches, saying let me tell you one more San Diego story. Let me tell you how we did it, with Democrats and Republicans making a better future, because we live in tomorrow, not yesterday.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. Here’s to tomorrow.

To find out more about Scott Peters’ campaign to change Congress, go to www.scottpeters.com.


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