Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scott Can Build Bipartisan Consensus to Create Jobs

Election Day: 11 Reasons in 7 Days to Support Scott Peters for Congress

San Diego -- The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today continued its 11 Reasons in 7 Days to support Peters over Tea Party candidate and 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray in the California’s new 52nd Congressional District.

Reason #2: Scott Builds Bipartisan Consensus to Create Jobs. He has widespread bi-partisan support Brian Bilbray can’t claim.

As Chairman of the San Diego Unified Port Commission, Scott garnered unanimous support from all five Port cities to secure Port funding for the Convention Center Expansion Project. The Port Commission is made up of Democrats and Republicans who each represent their own specific city and constituency. Yet, Scott successfully brought everyone around to supporting this critical project, which will result in as many as 2,000 construction jobs and 6,900 permanent new jobs for San Diegans. The Convention Center is a foundation for our tourism economy, one of the three “traded economies” in our region.

Scott is the only candidate in the race for California’s new 52nd Congressional District who has drawn support from Democrats, independents like Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and president of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association Lani Lutar, and Republicans, including three former chairman of San Diego’s Regional Chamber of Commerce.

These three former Chamber chairs are lifelong Republicans who’ve supported Brian Bilbray in the past. But in this race, they know Scott will be the better advocate in Washington for the San Diego region. Even Republican business leader Malin Burnham is supporting Scott. He said it’s because he knows Scott is a better leader, and has what it takes to bring San Diego’s Congressional delegation together to do what is needed to increase economic prosperity for our region.

These leading Republicans agree it’s time for change. To find out more about Scott Peters’ campaign to change Congress, go to www.scottpeters.com.


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