Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buff Piece on Sheriff William Kolender by U-T

First and foremost I really had been a fan of Sheriff Bill Kolender and think he has made some major positive changes in law enforcement for San Diego. However, I think there needs to be true reporting on Sheriff Kolender on how he is doing in his leadership role.

So, I don't know if you had a chance to read the Union Tribune's not in-depth article. It very softly danced around rumors that Sheriff Kolender might not finish his 4-year term, personal health conditions and family matters.

It seems Sheriff Kolender had been ducking their interview for sometime, limited the time originally scheduled for the interview, had his spokeperson limit the exchange of information and we seemed to gleem more insight from the comments of Sheriff Kolender's underlings, then the Sheriff himself.

  • I tell people, 'He's not 41 anymore,' ” said Undersheriff (Bill) Gore
  • Gore's urging, Kolender recently agreed to scale back his speaking engagements and other commitments outside the office
  • He compares positively in all the dealings I have with anyone his age,” (Ron) Roberts said.
  • He struggles to find the right words or phrase sometimes...

I think the media or should I say the Union Tribune does a real disservice to the public when they have a chance to interview an elected person and throws a softball rather then ask the tough questions. Though they would not have given a free pass to Congressman Bob Filner or any other Democratic, but we forget this is a Republican elected afterall.

What is really Sheriff Kolendar's health, will he really stay the entire 3-1/2 years, will the County Board of Supervisors appoint a caretaker for his position, why is he getting 3 months off on taxpayer expense, would this type of time off be allowed for an employee, etc...?

P.S. The U-T did come out in favor of the Chula Vista caretaker option to not allow appointees to run for a vacanted open seat. Will the U-T stay on course for the County?

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Anonymous said...

Why does Bill Kolender forget he has been married twice before? Both ex-wives were/are named Marilyn, but one was never in the work world and the last one taught school in SDUSD for years.
He also forgets he adopted Myrna and Joy before the last wife divorced him, but he never mentions that fact when asked about how many wives or children he has.