Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Next Mayor?

Tonight's CPI 10th Anniversary Dinner was abuzz tonight. Not because of the stuffed chicken dinner, but because just a couple hours earlier it was reported that San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Butkiewicz will resign from his post at the end of 2007.

While making rounds, I heard from a couple people that Butkiewicz is leaving the Labor Council to run for mayor. I couldn't get anyone from the Labor Council to address the rumors, but the timing would certainly make sense. Leaving at the end of the year would give him two months to start a campaign before the filing deadline.

While I'm sure the Lincoln Club would spend a record amount of money against him, he certainly has the credentials. He's currently on the board of directors for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of San Diego. He also would certainly have the support of labor, and be able to easily raise funds.

We can only hope these rumors are true, giving San Diego an option besides Sanders and Francis.


Anonymous said...

Where do I join the Jerr B. for Mayor campaign? The fireworks alone would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

We need someone that will finally say what they thinks and not first run a poll. This could be the election in San Diego, which no one would soon forget.

Would he have to go before Labor for their endorsement?

Anonymous said...

It would definitely be a campaign for the ages. Count me in!

Anthony Saavedra said...
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Anonymous said...

whoa. . .that would be amazing. And it makes sense, because why else would a guy like that leave the Labor Council now.

Anthony Saavedra said...

still proud democrat...

The Labor Council has a process that ALL candidates must follow. Like everything in the Labor Council, it is a democratic process.

- Written questionairre submitted to the COPE Endorsement Committee, which consists of members
- Interview with COPE Endorsement Committee
- The Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board
- Executive Board approves the recommendations and sends them to our delegate members
- Delegates members make final endorsement

Even Samuel Gompers would have to go through this process.

As for the rumors going around, Jerry is NOT running for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Why not Jerry? Well, aside from the whole hatred of unions that exists in San Diego. . .but Jerry did a lot to change that.

And yes, Jerry would need to go through the process (part of which is the 20 page essay exam they use for a questionnaire), but I think his chances of winning the Labor Council endorsement are pretty good.

And yes, he'd have to get the endorsements of all the Democratic organizations. . .but again, he could probably get that in a heartbeat.

Also on the plus side, the U-T would go nuts. That's as good of reason as any.

Anonymous said...

Steve Francis is going around town bragging that he'll get labor's support against jerry sanders.

does that make Steve Francis our guy?