Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Failure in Leadership - Example XXIII

Yesterday, the City Council voted to move the emergency homeless shelter from Barrio Logan to of all places the East Village. The shelter is scheduled to open November 1st and is located on a vacant lot owned by the redevelopment agency "bounded by 11th Avenue, G Street, Market Street and Park Boulevard."[Link]

While I fully understand and agree with the council's decision to placate the concerns of Barrio Logan residents regarding the shelter, does the council really believe that the residents and business owners of East Village are not going to have the same concerns that their neighbors in Barrio Logan had? Once again, instead of trying to find a location that could eventually become a permanent site for a shelter, this council has decided to abdicated its responsibility.

The homeless situation in San Diego is a disgrace. The city needs a comprehensive solution that includes a permanent year-round facility, not some annual "emergency shelter" that is passed from one community to another like a hot potato. To arrive at a comprehensive solution, of course would require leadership from both the mayor and city council and that is something that is in short supply.

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