Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet the Ugly Face of Gaylord Entertainment

I came across this blog over the weekend and thought I would share a rather interesting post. It provides some much needed background regarding one of the figures during the recent Gaylord Entertainment brouhaha that occurred in Chula Vista this summer. The individual in question is Eric Christen who is the "Vice President of Government Affairs for the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of San Diego," but is nothing more than an "an attack dog-for-hire." [Link]

Apparently, Mr Christen has some very extreme views that he likes to espouse. Such as that he believes human caused Global Warming is an hoax perpetrated by the "Left" to gain more power and that environmentalists are more dangerous that Islamic Terrorists.[Link]

Besides his extreme views, Mr. Christen also has a bit of an assorted past:

He likes to pose as a regular guy who knows what’s best for the people of Chula Vista, but he comes to us from Oregon, via Colorado. The people back in those states know what a hot-headed fringe character he really is.

When he ran in 1996 for the Oregon state legislature as a far-right candidate against a moderate Republican, Christen railed against “the increase in violent, senseless acts of crime.” But Christen failed to inform voters that he was, in fact, a convicted criminal. He was found guilty of criminal mischief after terrorizing a 17-year-old boy and attacking the teenager’s car in the previous year.

In Colorado Springs — where he got himself elected to the school board after running a pro-voucher, anti-public education campaign — Christen quickly created havoc, threatening mass firings of school district employees and verbally abusing fellow board members. “It’s been a long while since I’ve been around a public official who’s as rude as Eric Christen,” said the president of the local PTA.

In addition to alienating fellow school board members and school employees, Christen enraged the African-American community when he claimed that most black students who manage to graduate from high school will be functionally illiterate.” He also got in hot water with the Latino community when he insulted the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. In another school board meeting incident, he joked that several students who had gotten a rash were on crystal meth. I’m guessing it wasn’t too tough to gather the 16,443 signatures supporting his recall. [Link]

Considering Mr. Christen's questionable past, not to mention his personal extreme views, you have to ask the question; "Why does the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) have someone like him representing them?"


Anonymous said...

Because they need someone tough to stand up to the shock troops of the Liberal/Gay/Appeasment agenda. You need some who can fight as dirty and vicious as them. That's why...

Anonymous said...

He sounds craaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Anonymous said...

Eric Christen is one of the lowest life forms ever encountered. You've only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg. He's ruthless in pursuit of his ultraright wingnut world view. He lied, bullied, manipulated and terrorized the school district where he was a director for 3 years. Then, 17,000 voters showed him the door in an extraordinary recall vote. He is willing to do or say anything... which is why he'll be nothing more than a hired goon wherever he goes. But guess what? Show him for what he is, pull the curtain away from the Wizard, and he slinks away to another hole. We're overjoyed that we chased him out of Colorado, and we're sorry that he wound up in your neighborhood. But it's a big country. Maybe you can chase him on to some other place. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Eric Christen is, at the very least, an extreme narcissist. It is my feeling he borders on being a sociopath. How glad we are in Colorado that he has "chosen" to move on! Perhaps you will be lucky and he will completely self-destruct before he does too much damage. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe his schoolyard bullying tactics. Like most bullies, he just doesn't get that when you push hard enough, you get pushed back! Personally, I think it's steroids. He definitely has a case of arrested development. Good luck, and you have my sympathy.

Anonymous said...

To bad it appears facts and rational discourse are not your strong suits, but then you are illiberals after all. A moments checking on this Christen person you seem to fear so much shows he has in fact lived and worked in California for over 10 years. He only moved to Colorado a few years back because the Air Force transfered his wife there as she is an Air Force pilot (must drive the feminists nuts). He commutes from CO to his office in San Diego. Now, how about talking about the issues versus your obsession with this individual? Sounds like you and the other lefties on this site have a crush on this guy, or suffer from a severe case of projection. Keep it up Mr. Christen as ytou appear to have all the right people upset.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Christen has a friend afterall coming to his defense. How nice, but you should give some PR advice to him to more professionalize his webpage. He has nut screaming all over it.

You also have to love Eric announcing in his professional history page how, "In 2000 Eric raised over $25,000 for President George W. Bush and in the most recent election cycle has already raised over $100,000 for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger." However, on the same website he goes on to knock the two of them on global warming, linking them with the radical leftists.

Yes, he is a rational thinker.

Unknown said...

Many years later.. he has found his way here to our small community in Nevada County, CA. Rumor has it he is going to try to run for one of the board of supervisors positions. Ack! This man is scary!