Thursday, October 11, 2007

Did I Just See That? Am I Drunk?!?!

Minutes ago, NBC 7/39 ran a story on a new designated driver program that bar owners in Pacific Beach will be starting. Right after a bar owner stated that bartenders will proactively seek DDs, and offer them free food and non-alcoholic beverages, our favorite opportunistic councilman popped up on my TV screen.

Neither the video nor the story on the station's Web site mentioned the City having a part in the program, which is a partnership with San Diego State. Despite this, District 2 City Councilman Kevin Faulconer was right there to bask in the glow of something actually being done to stop the alcohol problems in PB.

Kevin, good to see you are attempting to take credit for this one.

By the way, it only took a brawl for him to look at the problem of alcohol on the beach, but people actually dying in PB due to drunk driving isn't enough for him to actually come up with a solution.


Anonymous said...

Kevin campaigned as being against the Alcohol Ban - and actually peeled away some Dem votes from his challenger (who was ironically, only for a 4th of July ban)on the topic. It was the drinking crowd that put him in office, and now they are waking up with a hangover.

Anonymous said...

What a tool!! I really hate this guy for various reasons but c'mon trying to paint yourself as the crusader against alcohol on the beach is just too much. I mean this guy flip-flops on the ban and then tries to insert himself as a leader in the debate... What a weather vane! I am so glad I voted against this creep twice!