Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where's the Party?

Is it just me, or is the attack on Mike Aguirre by the Republican Party going unanswered by the Democrats? The one, two sucker-punch thrown by the UT Editorial Board and the Republican Party yesterday, alleging Aguirre violated a portion of the City Charter that has been found unconstitutional, seems to be calling out for an official response from OUR party. But, if you listen closely... you hear absolutely nothing. So, does anyone know...where's the Party?


Anonymous said...

Maybe because the local Party Chair is presently out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Or because the local party can see some merit in what the UT is saying and wants no part of defending yet another tarnished "Elected Defender of the People" after Donna.

Anonymous said...

However, the local Democratic Party is getting ready to early endorse Mike Aguirre at its November Central Committee meeting.