Saturday, October 13, 2007

KLSD Update

It is being reported at that KLSD will drop its progressive talk format beginning November 1st. The new station will be called Xrta 1360 Sports.

As for the progressive talk format, it seems that the nationally syndicated Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes, and other Air America programming might end up on a local FM station that broadcasts in HDRadio. As for the Stacy Taylor there is no word on if he stays on the air. [Link]

Another Update:

Here is the link to Jay Posner's story in the UT this morning reporting the switch in programming at 1360.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for the free market!! This just proves that Real Americans are standing up and fighting back against the Liberal/Gay/Pro Terror agenda!! God Bless America!!

Anonymous said...

So all liberals have a gay agenda?

All gays have a liberal agenda?

All gays are pro-terrorist?

All liberals are pro-terrorist?

Let's just remind you that 9/11 happened on the GOP's watch, this disastrous Iraq war is the fault of a GOP president, the GOP-run government still hasn't captured Osama, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Liberal loser! It was Bill Clinton and Sandy Burger who let Osama go in 1998 and thanks to the "Democrat" Party we can't monitor terrorist calls that can help plan and execute an attack on our soil. If that isn't Terror enabling than what is it? And yes all don't all Liberals promote "Tolerance" and special rights for people outside the natural order? Doesn't that "tolerance" cover respecting a religion that promotes death to unbelievers?

Anonymous said...

"thanks to the "Democrat" Party we can't monitor terrorist calls that can help plan and execute an attack on our soil."

Incorrect. The Democratic party has not been able to stop Bush's warrantless wiretaps. Although I doubt these wiretaps are being used to fight al-Qaeda, since the Bush administration started using them prior to 9/11/01.

Anonymous said...

It seems that 540 AM is flipping to talk next Tuesday. Michael Jackson a strong Democratic voice will be leading the station.