Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Labor Council Announces Endorsements for Chula Vista City Council, Community College Board and Carlsbad's Prop. D

The membership of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council announced its endorsement of Pamela Bensoussan for the Chula Vista City Council.

Bensoussan’s strong ties to the community and record promoting citizen involvement in responsible development were cited as reasons for her endorsement.

“As Chula Vista sees more redevelopment, it is important that the City’s leaders realize the community should have input,” Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer Lorena Gonzalez said. “During her service on the Chula Vista Planning Commission and Redevelopment Advisory Committee, Pamela proved that she cares about including the community in all city decisions.”

Gonzalez also noted Bensoussan’s involvement in community groups, such as the Third Avenue Village Association and the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee, show her commitment to the people of Chula Vista.

The Labor Council also granted a dual endorsement for Dwayne Crenshaw and Mary Graham for San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees Area D and elected to oppose Proposition D in Carlsbad.

“San Diego’s working families are lucky to have two great candidates,” Gonzalez said of Crenshaw and Graham. “Community colleges are often a first step towards higher education for working families. As trustees, both Dwayne and Mary would ensure that community colleges remain an affordable and accessible option for all San Diegans.”

In opposition to Carlsbad’s Proposition D, Gonzalez cited a need to ensure proper protections before proceeding with the creation of a city charter.

“Cities that adopt charters are exempt from many important state laws including prevailing wage and on the job safety regulations,” Gonzalez said. “Before moving ahead with the creation of a charter, Carlsbad should ensure that those important protections are in place.”

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