Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tell Jerry Sanders: Block Blackwater

Full disclosure: I work for the Courage Campaign and cross posted at Calitics

Mayor Jerry Sanders got what he asked for when he was elected in 2005. Not just the office, but unprecedented "strong mayor" control over the city's operation. He's had two and a half years, and as he runs for reelection, we have to ask whether he's lived up to the responsibility.

At a recent debate, Mayor Sanders let his frustration get the best of him over the substance, or perceived lack thereof, in the current campaign. Well if he wants to talk about issues, Blackwater is a good one. Steve Francis, a leading contender for mayor, has accused Jerry Sanders of "presiding over the largest pay-to-play system the city has ever seen." If Mayor Sanders wants to get substantive and prove that the good of the community is is his top priority, it's time he get involved in the absurd permit process that has- thus far- allowed Blackwater to waltz into the city and start unpacking within spitting distance of the border.

Earlier today, Courage Campaign partnered with Jess Durfee, the Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party, to introduce a petition calling on Mayor Sanders to launch a full investigation into the questionable process that's brought Blackwater to the City of San Diego. He asked for this responsibility- he still wants this responsibilty. It's time to deliver.

You can read the email that Jess Durfee sent to Courage Campaign's San Diego members today at the Courage Campaign blog cross post


Anonymous said...

Blackwater shouldn't be here. The location on the border makes them prefect to be hired across the border for "protection " and the fact that they're now on city land makes it more difficult to evict.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jerry will be living up to his billboard proclamations of "Character" and "Courage" both of which will be needed to get rid of Blackwater. Then again, if Sunroad was any indicator of his leadership.....

Anonymous said...

In regards to the permit system--this mayor has done nothing but cover for the "pay to players". I recently reported an illegal demolition of a historic home by a developer. Not only did he demolish it illegally, he tried to burn it down twice. The fire reports (which were like pulling teeth to get) showed extremely suspicious circumstances and no real arson investigation except a report that said "this fire is undetermined" and referred to the home as abandoned despite its ownership by a corporation. The city then gave him the demo permit 1 month after to help him cover it up. Jerry is promoting the city's cover for any and all developer crimes w/ his mayoral position. Dont expect anything but posturing on Blackwater.