Monday, April 28, 2008

Maienschein Mail and Mike

Until now, I haven’t seen much of Brian Maienschein’s campaign. Then it landed in our mailbox. A double Dem household gets its first piece for the City Attorney race from the Councilman from the 7th district.

The piece itself is OK as far as pieces go, but I began to speculate that Brian could be the stealth candidate in this race. He’s got enough money to compete, is solid in his district, and unlike Goldsmith, isn’t running his campaign from inside a bubble.

Goldsmith is running like a near incumbent with the GOP establishments support but it hasn’t translated into dollars yet. As a judge and a former State Assemblymember, he hasn’t had to throw down in a street fight. Mike can bring it. So can Brian. And so can Scott.

Brian has the drive and the knowledge to pull this one out. He may just be looking for a job, but he’s going to make sure that Jan and the local GOP feel it. Brian’s network is made up of not-the-usual-suspects. As such, prepare for a surprise

Scott hasn’t gotten out of the gate yet and Amy is still skipping along. Until these two play their hands, I’m going to reserve judgment on the final outcome, but I will say that Jan had best watch his flank because Brian can pull the race from him.

If it’s Brain vs. Mike, or Brian vs. Scott, or even Brian vs. Jan, I wouldn’t discount Brian. He’s a player in this and won’t be taken as a token.

Yet I still am baffled as to why none of these challengers has even attempted to take Mike on at their debates and forums. It’s all too cordial for my taste. Especially when Mike would rip Jan apart on a one-on-one. Mike is dangerous in a two person race. If nothing else, his challengers should be united in taking Mike out of the Primary.

Speaking of Mike, check out this video:

A contact turned me on to it and I think it speaks volumes.


Anonymous said...

It would be a slap in the face to the local GOP establishment if Brian does defeat Jan and make the runoff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of slaps in the face. Have you seen this yet? Thats our girl...

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Some Rep trying to change the subject. I take it we're hitting too close to home again.

Anonymous said...

That link to Mike on YouTube is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I got the mailer too, kind of boilerplate - text heavy, and didn't leave any impression. But there's more $$ and more mail to come. (ps - "Brain" represents the 5th District)

Anonymous said...

It's painfully obvious Team Peterschein are in this race together. Brian is only in it to hurt Goldsmith and help push Peters into the run-off. It would be sad, indeed, if either of these "negligent" councilmen were vindicated with enough votes to go through to the run-off. At the very least, an Aguirre v. Goldsmith run-off gives San Diego a choice of candidates with good intentions.