Friday, July 15, 2011

Bill Horn Apoligizes Today for Misrepresenting his Record on Civil Rights

When Bill Horn was running for the County Board of Supervisors he made claims of his military record. Those opposing him called that record into question. Though, the veteran community came together to stand with him that he truly was one of them and that any these questions about his records was wrong.

The Voice of San Diego did a fact check on Supervisor Horn and found the following statement he made last week at a County of San Diego Board of Supervisor Meeting over the county's agenda item on redistricting to be false:

"During the civil rights movement I worked for Ralph Abernathy and went to jail over the rights of the minority," County Supervisor Bill Horn said June 28 at a public board meeting."

Turns out the real story, again according to Horn was he was only questioned by police for a downtown incident, Mr. Abernathy never worked in California, let alone in San Diego and never worked with Horn.

Unfortunately, it seems he and his staff got him into further trouble in trying to explain his falsehood. According to Horn's staff he said the following:

"[Horn] knows that [Hal] Brown and former NFL star Rosey Grier came to his office many years ago to reminisce about the incident. The Supervisor has a football in his office with the faded signature of Grier. Unfortunately, both of those men have passed away, and short of a séance, there's no way to confirm with them the events of a half century ago."

Again, the above is false, because the truth is Brown the former chairman of the local C.O.R.E. chapter at the time and Grier are alive, Brown does not recall Horn being involved, and Grier was playing for the LA Raiders at the time, not involved and doesn't recall the incident.

Each time Horn tells his story he only gets deeper in trouble. So, as a public official he should do the right thing and apologize to his constituents and those that were truly arrested in the civil rights fights.

Both as an elected official and a religiously moral person, he wants to set the example for our next generation that in the end it is better to tell the truth, then to mislead and cover it up.

Horn will state the following in his announcement:
  1. Those that were arrested for civil injustice in the 1950's and 1960's should be honored and no person should misrepresent themselves as one to use them for political reasons;
  2. He did not work for Mr. Ralph Abernathy;
  3. He knew of Mr. Hal Brown, but not in the way he has retold the story repeatedly over the years;
  4. As a truly religious man, then it is important to be truthful at all times, even in difficult times;
  5. Over the years he has questioned other elected officials about being honest with the voters, he doesn't want them to question him in the future with this incident weighing on him; and
  6. He will sit down with those in the civil rights community and seek to help in his capacity has an elected official to continuing struggle he had started many decades again against the injustices for those in the African-American and Latino community.
This press conference at 5:00 pm outside the County Administrative Building north steps will be a difficult statement by Horn, as he has confirmed, but something he must do to set the record straight and move on.

The truth on my part is the false statements made by Horn, his staff, those statements retorted about Horn's claims to have been involved in the civil rights incident, plus the Voice of San Diego article are true. HOWEVER, it would have been nice for the rest of the above story to be true. Horn won't be making an announcement clearing up the real story, he won't be seeking to continue his fight for injustice he started decades ago and lost his way, and he won't be setting an example as a public official or someone claiming to be religiously moral. Horn was upset of being called what he felt a racist and shoot back with the first thing he could think about, which was a story he has been over exaggerating over the past several decades, like the fish I caught.

Horn is Horn, his staff will protect him, and the rest of the community he surrounds himself with will keep quiet, because he votes their way most of the time, he tells a good story, takes on their enemies, and if they don't do it, then he will get angry and be vindictive in every way he possible can be.

If you think Horn should do the right thing, then comment here on the Voice of San Diego article or link to this post on your Facebook or Twitter feed. I would have suggested Horn's Facebook page, but he doesn't want to hear from others in a public arena and calling and emailing his office won't make a difference, because he will claim you are a bunch complainers. SD ROSTRA won't write about it either, because he is a conserve now and their site is about looking at the injustices and falsehoods of only the liberals.

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