Saturday, July 16, 2011

SD Rostra

It seems a previous post about San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn has spun some people up, when I wrote:

"SD ROSTRA won't write about it either, because he is a conserv[ative] now and their site is about looking at the injustices and falsehoods of only the liberals."

I was making a point that SD Rostra would not write a critical article about Horn misleading the public. However, I just wrote about them just writing about it, which they did and I apologize.

I would like to make these last three points:
  1. I would point out the first article to come out of SD Rostra about Horn misleading the public spent a third being negative about me, a third praising Horn and eleven words that said, "Horn is taking his medicine and apologizing for those honest errors." I am not for sure what the apology is, but assume the apology was about misleading the public that he was arrested during the civil rights movement, he meet with Hall Brown and Rosey Grier at some later point to retell this misleading story and that he worked for Ralph Abernathy. Though, I would love to know how the misleading was an honest mistake verse a dishonest mistake.
  2. I will say thank you Bradley Fikes for expressing to a certain extent my feelings about some comments and articles on SD Rostra when you said, "Timmons is absolutely right. SD Rostra bloggers are zombie-like conformists who always agree with each other and toe the GOP/conservative party line.We don’t tolerate a whiff of dissent on issues like gay marriage, abortion and global warming. Meanwhile, lefty blogs like San Diego Politico not only tolerate but encourage their writers to express robust differences of opinion on those topics. You’ll never catch them mindlessly parroting partisan dogma!"
  3. I should not assume what others may do, but as the administrator over at SD Rostra recommended about challenges, then the next time I will throw down the gauntlet and see what is done.
I think we all should be critical thinkers, hold elected officials accountable in all political parties and challenge what people write in newspapers, blogs and in the comment section. Though, it should be a respectful challenge. When you are wrong, admit it and when you are right, fight as hard as heck not to be silenced.

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Bradley J. Fikes said...

Thank you for your gracious apology. As you may now be beginning to realize, SD Rostra is not one single voice and does not enforce a party line.

BTW, my comment about you being right was ironic. I'm surprised you didn't pick up on that.

I'm a Libertarian, a supporter of gay marriage, abortion rights and legalizing drugs. And yet I'm a member of SD Rostra in good standing.

For San Diego Politico to show similar acceptance of differing views, it would need to have a blogger who's an opponent of gay marriage, anti-abortion and opposed to legalizing drugs. Do any of your bloggers fit that description?