Saturday, July 16, 2011

News Alert - Horn Really Apologized for Misleading

Exclusive by campaign consultant for Republican candidates Mr. Jim Sills has notified that San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn has indeed now apologized for misleading the public of his civil rights record with Ralph Abernathy, Rosey Grier and arrest at a civil right event.

After San Diego Politico posted about Horn yesterday, Sills in SD Rostra yesterday then stated, "Horn is taking his medicine and apologizing for those honest errors."

Regardless that Horn has not made a public announcement, talked to anyone he directed his misleading statements at that previous hearing or asked, if possible, to correct his comments of the County meeting minutes we says thank you for doing the right thing and Voice of San Diego for Fact Checking this for the public and letting us and Horn know Hal Brown and Grier are still with us.

I hope the news (UT, Voice of San Diego, North County Times or CityBeat) can report Horn's apology, because that might be the only way the public gets to see he corrected his misleading record. Also, I think it is the first time he has ever corrected his past misleading statements. If I am wrong about Horn correcting his past misleading records, then I ask you to please post his past corrections in this post's comment section to help myself and others learn about them.

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Bradley J. Fikes said...

Jon Timmons,
Why don't *you* first apologize for this false (and ungrammatical) statement:

SD ROSTRA won't write about it either, because he is a conserve now and their site is about looking at the injustices and falsehoods of only the liberals.

I am proud to be one of the most prolific bloggers at SD Rostra, and I am not a conservative, but (along with two or three others) a Libertarian. And I've written in complimentary terms about the liberal-left, linked in non-hostile terms to one of their blogs to discuss issues they're raised, encouraged friendly dialogue with them, and defended the reporting of SD CityBeat, a liberal-left publication, when it went after SD County GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric.

SD Rostra accepts far more ideological diversity and willingness to criticize its predominant point of view than San Diego Politico has shown.

Something for you to ponder.