Thursday, June 14, 2012

Congressional Candidate Lori Saldaña made the following statement today:

“Many thanks to the thousands of people who supported my Congressional campaign by volunteering, contributing and casting votes for me on June 5.

“We worked hard and garnered praise and admiration from people in San Diego and around the nation. You all helped make it a battle for the record books that has been “too close to call” for the past week.

“As the final tallies are completed, I congratulate the winners in all the primary campaigns and look forward to supporting my fellow Progressives who will continue their efforts this fall.

“I ran because Congressman Brian Bilbray has assisted in the dismantling of the middle class and I still urge his defeat this fall. But I also encourage every candidate to reject shortsighted "reforms" that actually hurt working people and commit to the more challenging task of creating long-term, systemic change at every level of government.

“This is what is needed to help middle class people today and to ensure that more people will join their ranks in the future.

“Recent reports on the near-catastrophic loss of working families’ wealth and savings show clearly that we are not the reason this country is in tough economic times. We did not cause the financial markets to collapse, and we are, in fact, the canaries in the economic coal mine, showing what happens when elected leaders at every level fail to take bold action to turn the economy around.

“I thank my supporters for their dedication and commitment an effective, powerful and unabashedly Progressive grassroots effort. There is still much to be done- in and out of elective office- and I look forward to continuing to work with you in San Diego.”

Lori Saldaña

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