Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peters Campaign Readies to Go Head to Head with Entrenched Republican Brian Bilbray

San Diego, CA – At 5 p.m. today the San Diego County Registrar of Voters announced that Scott Peters is now ahead of Lori Saldaña by 737 votes, with only 13,500 left to count, making it apparent that Peters will be the Democrat to take on entrenched Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray in the new 52nd Congressional District.  The Peters campaign is now readying for the bigger fight ahead.

“It’s no secret that Congress is broken,” Peters said. “But San Diegans have an unprecedented opportunity to help fix it by sending new representation to Washington.”

“This is a critical election and the voters now have a clear choice,” he said. “They can choose a Washington insider who votes to guarantee tax breaks for oil companies instead of guaranteeing Medicare for our seniors. Or, they can vote for a common-sense, problem solver who will protect Medicare and Social Security and has a track record of creating jobs and standing up for working families.”

“When government doesn’t work, it hurts the middle class -- the backbone of our economy, and the core strength of our country,” he added. “I am backed in this race by regional and national worker advocates because they know I share their values, and that I’ll fight for them, not the corporate special interests backing Bilbray.”

Peters added that while he is now focused on the Nov. 6 General Election, he is tremendously grateful to everyone who supported him in the primary.

“I am extremely proud of the campaign we ran, of my team, and of the army of volunteers who gave us their time and energy,” said Peters. “In the end, we knew this race would be decided by turnout, and our volunteers worked tirelessly walking, knocking and calling to turn out our voters. As we saw, every vote mattered.  I’m very, very grateful.”

Peters also congratulated his Democratic opponent in the primary for running a rigorous, energetic grassroots campaign.

“I congratulate and thank Lori Saldaña for running a tough, dynamic campaign,” said Peters. “It absolutely helped sharpen our focus for the bigger fight ahead.  We share a common goal of replacing Brian Bilbray, and together, we’ve proven with our combined votes, it’s doable,” he said.


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