Wednesday, August 22, 2007


OK, so I have to ask… is anyone really surprised about the recent stories about Bob Filner’s aggressive behavior? Come on, we all knew he had a temper, that he is assertive, strong-willed and sometimes rude. But, isn’t that why we love him? It is that same “lack of filter” that makes him such a strong advocate for progressive causes. He rarely shows caution in taking on anyone who tramples on the little guy. Notice his recent stance against Establishment-Mayor Cheryl Cox and her lack of leadership on Gaylord. So, I read the stories, yawn and say “that’s our Bob.” So, he may be an ass, but at least he's OUR ass.


Anonymous said...

An a$$hole is still an a$$hole and apparently Filner loves working people so much that he shoves an attacks them when they aren't quick enough. Liberals always whine about how there should be equal rights for workers and stuff but when it comes to them it's always another standard! Lying Liberal Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry Bob you are yesterday's news. Did you hear about Larry Craig?