Monday, August 20, 2007

Where is the Taxpayer Association Fleece Award?

The San Diego County Taxpayer's Association (SDCTA) has been pointing out wasteful government funding and last year awarded the County a badge of honor for kicking off thousand's of retired county workers from healthcare, many who will end up on the County's welfare roles now. Where is the real cost savings, just moving them from one pot to another pot.

However, where is the SDCTA on the wasteful use of taxpayer dollars by the County Supervisors. They have their names engraved on buildings, are rewarded with huge campaign donations and sent on luxary overseas trips. You ask how? By using our taxpayer money as a personal slush fund. As was reported in the Voice of San Diego today on Supervisor Pam Slater-Price raking in campaign donations based on her slush fund. Then there was Supervisor Ron Roberts and Pam Slater-Price heading overseas thanks to giving away taxpayer money. Look around the County and see buildings with our beloved Supervisors. Did they donate the money themselves, like the generous Irwin Jacob or did they just use our taxpayer money and take the credit? The building should have a thank you to the taxpayers of San Diego County and not an elected supervisor spending the taxpayers money.

SDCTA, please review this issue and I will look for your report.


Just your kindly San Diego County Taxpayer

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