Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reasonable Senate Republican Please Stand Up

Okay, after 52 days late Sacramento finally completed their job and approved a state budget. This was only after the state government's budget was held up by Senate Republicans to supposedly show fiscal responsibility, but after the Governor agreed to their demands, only 2 out of 15 voted for it.

We must question their fiscal responsibility:
Is it responsible for a company or the state to not pay its vendors, not pay its employees expenses and not pay the interest on its bonds? No, but the Republican Senators expected vendors to hold back on their invoices without charging interest. No, but the Republican Senators expect the employee credit card companies would not charge interest of these workers for racking up work related costs that required reimbursed. No, the Republican Senators expected the market to wave their hand and skip asking to be paid on the interest on state bonds.

This is reality of the Republican Senators actions: It was reported in the U-T that Gary Byrnes from the Hillcrest Manor Sanitarium in National City Byrnes was owed $260,000 from the delayed state budget, had exhausted the reserves and credit line and was required due to the Republican Senators to operate on a loan from his relative and the help of staff members who agreed to work without pay. He should have asked our own San Diego regional Republican Senators Wyland, Battin or Hollingsworth for the loan.

Is it fiscally responsible for a corporation or a chamber of commerce board to allow a third of their board of directors to hold up its yearly budget? No, but the Republican Senators think it is okay when it comes to themselves.

The Republican Senators claimed the budget still was not balanced and were against tax increase, but rather favored cut to services. What about the marvel idea of eliminating some of the millionaire tax breaks rather then looking at cutting the poor?

If you are married, then the next time you you have to pay a credit card bill, tell them your spouse is opposing the payment and you will work it out in 52 days. Oh, if they question you about interest, tell them you should not have to pay it, because you learned this is fiscally responsible from the actions of our own Republican Senators.

Also, Republican Senators had a chance before the budget was due to make their case and should not have been allowed to hold hostage taxpayer services, businesses and public workers.


Anonymous said...

So I guess Democrates are better fiscal responsibility. After all, what's that Ponzi scheme that supposed to be a government sponsored retirement plan? Oh yeah, Social "Security". And I guess the four decades of deficit spending by a Democratically controlled congress was great for our economic health too. After all the 1970's were great for America as we whole heartedly embraced Liberal economic policies. Why don't you read some Milton Freedman "Adam Smith", you might learn something!

Anonymous said...

Hannitized should first respond to the original post. His response is on a different issue. Have you heard deny, deny, deny, make counter accusations, then continue to deny. I.E. Dick Cheney and Hannitized.

But, when he can't offer a justification for the Senate Republicans, then he attempts to attack the post on a completely different issue. So, if you go down that route, then you are wrong and only need to look back to the last time the Democratic Party had their candidate running the federal government. Clinton had balanced the budget, eliminated the Reagan and Bush senior debt and in fact had one of the lowest unemployment rates in history. It wasn't until Bush junior came into office and he sent the market plunging, the budget ballooning and unemployment up and up.

Republicans want to use taxpayer money as their personal bank account, Duke, Jerry Lewis, Dick Ackerman, Hunter, Arnold, etc.. Republicans want the government to pry into a person's personal life and business I.E. wiretapping, Terri Schiavo, marriage rights, employeement rights, etc...

Next please.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Liberal Loser! Clinton copied Reagan and that lying philanderer didn't even do that right. After it was the economic policies of the 40th Prez that lifted us out of the Morass of tax and spend liberalism and gleefully killed it. Even Boy Clinton understood that. If Liberals had there way we would see all our hard earned dollars flushed down the toilet to support sodomites, blasphemers, and illegals.