Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dick Cheney is Psychic, He Just Forgot

A friend recently sent me a video from 1994 of the Vice President offering his opinion of what would happen if the United States were to take out Saddam Hussein.

Apparently Dick Cheney is psychic (see video below). Nine years before the invasion of Iraq, he was able to correctly predict the quagmire the United States now faces in Iraq.

I guess he just had the Alberto Gonzales syndrome, and could not remember his own prediction.

It's too bad the mainstream US media couldn't do a little research and uncover the Vice President's vision of post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.

CNN's Anderson Cooper at least spoke to Sharif Ali Bin Al-Hussein and Faisal Qaragholi from the Iraqi National Congress. In each interview, Cooper asked the men their thoughts of a post-Saddam Iraq.

Good job, pretty boy. Maybe you should have asked a few follow up questions, or searched the archives of Operation Desert Storm.

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Anonymous said...

So where was this clip in 2002? Why didn't the show this side-by-side when Darth Cheney did his famous "smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud" bit on his speech to Vets of Foreign Wars in the Summer of `02 to protray Dems as weak on national security so they could take back the Senate. This is why the mainstream corporate media is such a failure. What does it say about our democracy when two comedians with their faux news and commentary showes have more truth and investgative journalism then the so-called professionals? I applaud those who are doing this blog and keep spreading truth to SoCal and San Diego! As all us Padres fans know and to these exceptional bloggers "Keep the Faith!"