Thursday, September 27, 2007

Showdown for the 78th starts tonight

So tonight is one of the key endorsements for the Democratic primary in the 78th AD. The San Diego Democratic Club - the largest and most powerful of clubs in the county - are hosting their candidate forum and endorsement. Rumor has it, all three of the Democratic candidates (Auday Arabo, Marty Block and Arlie Ricasa) are going to vie for it. Block is the obvious front runner, having spent a ton of time working the vote. But, don't discount the female / ethnic factor that Ricasa brings. Plus, in a club that values warmth - Ricasa definitely has the right personality. I have to admit, I almost feel sorry for Auday Arabo. Tonight he will get a taste for how Dem activists take to his former life as a Republican staffer and Lincoln Club donor. Does anyone remember the outrage pointed toward Rich Grosch when he tried to run for District 2 as a Democrat after previously endorsing Kevin Faulconer? Or the questions Todd Gloria faced as a result of giving $50 to Mayor Sanders? That is nothing compared to the anger from Dems to have a candidate that gave thousands to Congressman Bilbray (in his race against Francine Busby) and the local right-wing Lincoln Club. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

J Agatha

You better check your lists. David Bejerano is out and Chula Vista City Councilman McCann is back in. The Republicans can not seem to find their way. Now that their do nothing Shirley Horton is on her way out thay have no one to go to. To bad Mitz Lee lives in North County. She would be perfect person to follow in Shirley's footsteps.

Auday or Arlie will be facing the republican. That dinosour Marty Block should stick to what he knows best along with his supporter the "poverty pimps" -- who run failing schools and earn a living serving the poor. The only problem is they only get to make a living if there are poor people to serve. I wonder if they really want to help or improve schools.

For the record...with 86,000 democrats in the district the best we can hope for is that Sacramento will stay out of it and let us in the 78th pick next leader.

Anonymous said...

Why would any Dem candidate from the 78th be concerned about the San Diego Dem Club endorsement? They are only focused on LGBT issues and IMHO their endorsement carries not much weight in this district. Maybe in crackpot Lori Saldana's district their endorsement might be helpful but not out here.

Anonymous said...

The Dem Club is important in the 78th, only because of the weight it carries with the Central Committee. But don't be fooled, it does carry a lot of weight.

Anonymous said...

Whatever!! True Americans will vote for the candidate that keep America strong and not kowtow to the Liberal/Appeasment/Special Rights people! Keep America strong! Reject the appeasers and those who wish to weaken our values!!

Anonymous said...

Follow-up on vote counts from the Dem Club Mtg:
Block - 64 votes (easily snagging the endorsement)
Ricasa - 13 votes
Arabo - 4 votes