Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And Bill Gentry?

I’m not one to cry for Republicans, but this is too obvious to pass up. It appears that someone with the balls to step up when no one else would is about to be sacrificed for expediency's sake by a latecomer.

Bill Gentry. Republican. War hero. Great civil servant from Dumanis’s office.running against Mike Aguirre.

Enter Jan Goldsmith. Republican. Former Judge and State Assemblyman. A known commodity running against Mike Aguirre.

Now, I’m on the outside of this inter-party dust up, but it would appear that a good man is about to be abandoned by his stalwarts for a more seasoned politician in the name of party unity.

This is politics and nothing is ever fair but I think we should take a moment to reflect on just how desperate times have become on the “red” side

Some facts:
1) Bill got in the race first and, from what I’ve been told, isn’t the most compelling guy in the room but he seemed sincere in his desire to take on Mike even if he had to talked into it.

2) Then comes Goldsmith, whom it seems had to be talked into it as well.

3) Because these guys had to be “talked” into it doesn’t bode well for an Aguirre take down in that there are enough dissatisfied Dems to make it happen, but these guys appear to lack the fire in the belly that Aguirre has to win cross over votes.

As such, the weaker of the two must go and that will be Gentry because:

1) The Reps need a unified front to take out Aguirre because, and let be honest here, he appeals to both sides of the aisle in pointing out the endemic corruption that is San Diego City government

2) Bonnie has ambitions to be the next attorney general for California so she’s not going to save the guy from her office lest she cross her future supporters in the Rep establishment.

3) Gentry has little real support and is, therefore, expendable.

So the Republicans continue their grand tradition of eating their young, or at least their farm team, to appear unified in the face of a major challenge that, as of this writing, they don’t seem committed to.

This says something about the local rep establishment, what Bonnie is willing to do for her career, and the hapless state of the local GOP.


Anonymous said...

I guess we can thank Kehoe for giving us Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Carl DeMaio had a big hand in the effort to dump Bill Gentry in favor of Jan Goldsmith.

He aggressively worked the Republican establishment to line up support for Goldsmith and to deflate talk of Bill Gentry.

I don't mean this as a dig, but i find it ironic given his orientation that he carries so much weight in those circles.

Anonymous said...

It is very ironic: an openly gay Republican running in the most conservative district in San Diego.


The tragedy of the city attorney race
is that it has a lot more twists and
turns....why all the vengeance when
we have a good Democrat in the office
now....the ruthlessness of the UNIONTRIB is paying off for the DA
and the Republicans!!!.....Wake-up
fellow Democrats before it's to

Anonymous said...

It isn't ironic in as much as it is outstanding.

From the way things are looking, Carl is going to win District 5.

And i confess, part of me says BRAVO!