Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chris You're Fired!!

Via Daily Kos:
We found out this morning that major league asshole Chris Lehane had been fired by SEIU. I just got confirmation from Change to Win -- the coalition of seven top unions(including SEIU, Teamsters, and the Laborers) has also kicked Lehane to the curb. I was given this statement by a CtW spokesman:
Change to Win had a general consulting contract with Chris Lehane. That contract was terminated upon discovery of his role supporting the studios in the writers guild strike. As you know, Change to Win and its affiliates stand solidly behind the writers in their struggle for fairness, so we did not think twice about this decision.


Lehane may have a great future helping corporate America bust unions, but as long as he never works in progressive politics, it'll be a net win for our side.

Now that SEIU and Change to Win have fired Chris Lehane when is Cal Labor Fed going to step up and show him the door?


Anonymous said...

SEIU is Change to Win - and all of the Change to Win unions make up a majority of the Cal Labor Fed... so I would assume it will happen accordingly.

Lucas said...

first to dump him was the SEIU Local. Then Change to Win followed suit which, you're right, makes sense.

Also, if anyone in LA is interested, Lehane is at a healthcare panel tonight. If anyone happens to have an offtopic question for him...

Lucas said...

Also, Chris Lehane hasn't been under contract with the Cal Labor Fed for several weeks.