Friday, December 14, 2007

Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency

SacBee has it that Governor Schwarzenegger has just declared a Fiscal Emergency for the state of California. So what does the heck does that mean? It means he's invoking Prop. 58 (passed in 2004):

It will mark the first time Schwarzenegger has used the "fiscal emergency" authority that he asked voters to create by passing Proposition 58 in 2004. The provision allows the governor to declare an emergency when revenues are "substantially below" what was anticipated when the budget was signed. Such an emergency would summon the Legislature into special session.

If lawmakers fail to send the governor legislation addressing the budget problem within 45 days, they cannot take action on any other bills or adjourn until they do so. (SacBee 12.14.07)
I guess that pretty much assures us that no endemic failings in the budget process will be explored or fixed. Not surprisingly, the Governor prefers quick and easy abdication of responsibility to substantive leadership. Thank goodness we dumped that fiscally reckless Gray Davis or we might find ourselves in some trouble right now.

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