Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recall Election in Potrero: Ballot Due Today

As written about in this mornings UT, the ballots for the election to recall five of the members of the planning group are due today. The reason for the recall is because five of the members of the planning board gave early approval for a military training camp proposed by Blackwater. As of this morning more than half of the registered voters in Potrero have turned in ballots.

Blackwater has been making a big marketing push during the last couple of weeks, one of which included the "stunts" performed at a recent local university game, as reported in SD Politico. At the same time, Blackwater has found itself on the bad side of some national news, so it is hard to tell who will win out in the minds of residents.

Hopefully, the citizens of Potrero will take another symbolic stand against the private mercenary corporation and the supporters.

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