Friday, December 14, 2007

Power Grabs, Officially In During The Holiday Season

Something smells fishy. San Diegans for City Hall Reform, the group that helped Sanders campaign for outsourcing last year, has over $111,000 ready to go for apparently any cause that Sanders would like, as reported in a VOSD article back in August. The group stated yesterday that they found the cause that they want to use the funds for: a charter reform initiative; especially since Sanders' committee did not get their way with the charter reform recommendations that were presented to the City Council Rules Committee in November. Even though at the time perception lent a different idea that Sanders had another "change of heart" with a memo he released just before the committee went to council, when all along they had Plan B ready to go--they just held back on it because Plan A would not cost them as much money.

John Davies, who happens to be a member of the San Diegans for City Hall Reform and served as the Chair of the Mayor's Charter Review Committee (Sanders appointed Davies), said in today's VOSD article, "If the City Council subsequently agrees to place provisions substantially the same as those contained in our initiative on the ballot in 2008, we will terminate our initiative effort." It is now clear that Davies had ulterior motives when he chaired the Mayor's committee. Therefore, Davies lied to the public and represented another cause other than the people of San Diego.

Concerned citizens and local media should take notice. Apparently, power grabs are in during the holiday season. San Diegans for City Hall Reform has the machine set up and ready to change the city charter even if the public's representatives think that it is outrageous, along with countless community groups.

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