Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday - Quick Hits

Three hour long fire fight between law enforcement and drug cartels in Tijuana leaves six dead. UT

Misconduct at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant has led to five employees fired and two others disciplined. UT

Governor visits town yesterday to explain, how his mismanagement of state budget now needs to be slashed. UT

Local GOP not too happy with Maienschein's entry into city attorney race. UT

Continuing to investigate City Attorney Aguirre, State bar has issued subpoenas in its investigation. UT

City on Encinitas has decided to purchase iconic boat houses. UT

If it passes a safety check, Sprinter rail service could start on Jan 27. UT

State Sen. Kehoe has requested that the Public Utilities Commission hold a public hearing regarding Sunrise Powerlink in the City of San Diego. NC Times

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