Monday, January 14, 2008

Thoughts on the City Attorney Race

Gentry out
Chalk it up to yet another misfire by the office of Dumanis in her quest for increasing political clout on her ill-advised march to the Attorney Generals office in Sacramento. Gentry seems like a nice guy, but when your own party’s establishments coaxes a judge to leave his cushy gig to take on Mike, you’ve got to smell, if not see, the writing on the wall to bail while you can.

Since when does a sitting City Attorney give a counter State of the City address? Look, I think Mike has done some good and that his heart is in the right place, but when he spends his time playing like he wants to be mayor but lacks the balls to actually run you’ve have to question his motives. Especially given his increasing bipolar behavior in relation to the City Council and Mayor.

I’m developing a soft spot for this guy. He’s everywhere you want to be and he’ll bury you with anti-Mike facts that do check out. The problem is that he goes into “passion mode” and turns into an angry white fanatic who turns people off. He needs to focus and tone it down lest he be tuned out.

Who? Her reasons for running seem to barely pass muster but her motives don’t seem all that pure. In fact, she appears to be more of a front for Jim’s Air and as a siphon for Democratic votes, given how reliable they have been in the past. If you want to keep Brown Field in the background, there are better ways to do this than to send out a sacrificial lamb.

It’s odd, yet wouldn’t be unheard of, for some consultants somewhere launching Burdick at the Dems to bleed Mike but the most ardent Mike supporters, IMHO, are Republicans. He appeals to their kind of crazy. As such, I wish Jan the best of luck. His old Assembly District never offered him the kind of street fight that Mike can bring. And Gentry’s clearing the field doesn’t make this effort any easier. Remember that is always better to take down a bear is said bear is attacked by a pack of wolves rather than a few

Why do moneyed Dems in San Diego think that they must ape their Republican counterparts to be players? I ask the ether of the internet this question because I don’t know of anyone else who is salivating at a Bersin run. The teachers are still (rightfully) pissed and, even though he won’t need a solid Dem bloc to win, he’ll have a hard time convincing the Dems giving the rising power of labor in the city. His resume is one that a consultant would love in that it screams “non-partisan” even though it can be argued that he is a partisan of convenience.

These are my thoughts. (Hand outstretched) What are yours?


Anonymous said...

So it's the shadow administration huh? I'm as flummoxed as everyone else...

Anonymous said...

All of these statements still don't absolve Aguirre from what he's done as City Attorney. Actions speak louder than words and this guy is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Goldsmith vs. Aguirre would be a fun sideshow to the dull mayoral race.

Anonymous said...

WOW--pretty solid analysis.

as an aside: Coffee is a lunatic. Raving mad. I'd vote for Mike over Coffee anyday.

Anonymous said...

I give Goldsmith his due for making this suicide run. Mike will tear him apart.