Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's Going on in the 78th?

For the past couple of weeks there have been rumors swirling around that former 78th Democratic Assembly candidate from 2006, Maxine Sherard was considering another run for the seat. It seems these rumors are true.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend who checked at the ROV and confirmed that Maxine Sherard has pulled papers to run. My friend also heard from a local printer that she had recently had printed personal cards listing her as a candidate for assembly.

Late this afternoon, I received an email from a South Bay Democratic activist confirming that Sherard has indeed pulled papers and is intent on running again. According to this person, she believes that since she has already been the Democratic nominee, her name recognition is good enough for her to win the primary.

On a final note, Arlie Ricasa has yet to pulled papers. She still has plenty of time to file to run, but one has to consider if she is having second thoughts about running.


Anonymous said...

Maxine Sherard - the Democrat's answer to Luis Acle. Does she realize she needs to file with the FPPC this time?

Anonymous said...

Dummy dumb dumb Democrats. Is there any leadership in this county?

Arlie is an also-ran from four years ago, Maxine was the throwaway loser two years ago, Auday is a Republican tobacco lobbyist.

Marty is the only candidate that has any significant electoral history in the District, but he is being screwed by leadership in the county that is unable or unwilling to shut down the nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

Sherard - Can't beat a Republican
Ricasa - Can't beat a Republican
Arabo - Is a Republican


Anonymous said...

If Maxine wants to run, she should run. But let's not kid ourselves, she's not going to get the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Have to love it. Sacramento Dems spent hundreds of thousands getting Maxine's name out for her and now she will try to ensure a Republican win. Marty is the only real possibility if the Dems are going to take back this seat.

Pot Shots said...

I think I've heard this song before!

Maxine Sherard and Arlie Ricasa both took shots at Patty Davis in 2004, even sending mailers saying that Davis had been busted for growing pot or something idiotic like that.

Now you add in Auday Arabo who is going to do even more to damage the Democrats in June, and this is a perfect setup for the Republicans!

Over on Red County they are going to be laughing their Arses off!!

Anonymous said...

Maxine ran in 2002, 2004 and 2006. Did anyone really think she wasn't going to run in 2008?

Anonymous said...

What a joke. You think Marty actually has a shot? Give me a break. He has been going around town saying that he's been promised the chairmanship of the higher ed committee. The only thing I can say is Marty better start working hard to get elected. It seems Mr. Block is cutting deals of his own in Sacramento.

Progressive dem said...

Marty Block has no chance of beating a Rep. We need a progressive candidate that can work with both sides of the aisles in order to really get things done in the 78th.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Auday for your fine comments about Marty.

Yes, he would be the type to do something as underhanded and anti-Democratic as running the Higher Education Committee! Whew, that sure is a scathing attack.

Is there a committee you would like to chair? Maybe one that authorizes tobacco sales to minors? Or something that can help you raise money from casinos and horse race tracks? I guess chairing a committee at all would be a great accomplishment for a life-time Republican as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Arlie's only hope after such a poor fundraising effort was to coast through as a minority, a woman, and a previously-ran. now she gets to split that vote and virtually ensures a loss for her. As fun as this race is shaping up, what wouldn't be more fun without that nutjob Sherard?

Anonymous said...

Maxine has $40,000 in personal debt to her previous campaign. Arlie has like $70,000. They HAVE to run; it's the only way they can raise money and pay themselves back - but not to spend on voter education. Don't give either of them money - it's going straight to their pockets and not to a winning strategy. Seriously, who does something so financially irresponsible! (did someone take a second mortgage on their house? sheesh!)