Saturday, November 9, 2013

A History of False Assumptions from Nathan Fletcher

When Nathan Fletcher announced his intention to seek the office that eluded him the year before, he made a series of assumptions. With the backing of his financial benefactor Irwin Jacobs, the newly minted Democrat assumed that he would have a shot of getting the local Democratic Party endorsement or at the very least the party would take a "no endorsement" position and he would easily cruise into the runoff by virtue of having more campaign resources and endorsements than any other possible Democrat candidate in the race.  

This assumption was predicated on the notion that rank & file Democrats would overlook the fact that he had only re-registered earlier this year and would conveniently forget his atrocious voting record while serving as a Republican member of the Assembly. Flash forward a month later and this assumption proved to be entirely false when he failed to earned either the endorsement from the Labor Council or the county Democratic Party. His easy path to the runoff only got more complicated by the grassroots operation assembled by the David Alvarez campaign for mayor.

Now in the final stretch run of the campaign, seeing his position slip in the polls to endorsed Democrat David Alvarez, Nathan Fletcher is making another assumption that may prove entirely false. By breaking his campaign pledge to run a clean campaign, Fletcher has decided to go on the attack directed at Alvarez. This baseless attack smacks of desperation and a flailing campaign that sees history repeating itself. It also assumes that voters will be fooled by the unfounded smear campaign.
Only the election results will tell if Fletcher's assumption proves to be false, but in meantime, voters should be worried that he is willing to go against his own word to try to get elected. 

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