Friday, November 8, 2013

Fletcher Supporters Confirm They Won't Honor His Pledge

Twitter and Facebook are a flutter over former California State Assmeblymember Nathan Fletcher supporters telling Wendy Fry from NBC they are not going to honor Fletcher's campaign pledge and will get even further into gutter campaigning. Pledges of a clean and positive campaign from Fletcher and his supporters seem to have gone out the window and evenmore mud will be thrown by them.  Fletcher has lost all control of his supporters and it doesn't reflect well on his leadership skills if he can't even get his own supporters to follow him now.

It wasn't a good October for Fletcher with him falling in the polls, because of missteps over his college transcript, caught not being 1st in family to attend college after he sold it as his storyline,  refused to release his calendar from his former elected office as a public servant or now as a candidate and finally his non-responses after issuing a stange press release admiting he did get in trouble with the law, but won't talk anymore about it.  Wheels are coming off his little red wagon.

Fletcher once considered a raising star first in the GOP, and then hoped by some in the Democratic Party, seems to becoming a bad punchline. Recently, he even made an insensitive remark to San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez in a debate. Now with his campaign in a downward spiral, the complete loss of control of his own people, even if he limps out of the primary, he is a dead man walking into the general election and will guarantee the election to San Diego City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer.

Can Fletcher pull back his supporters to save some face or has he lost all control?

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Joe Neubarth said...

Until reading this article I was totally ignorant of all the scandals attending to Fletcher's statements. I do not watch news on television any more. Guess I better start watching the local evening news. I was ready to vote for Fletcher, but I guess I won't. We do not need any more dishonest politicians.