Friday, August 31, 2007

Fairy Tales and Fables

The Labor Council staff always has a good laugh when we see the right-wing blogs make things up and post it as fact.

They recently ran a tidbit about our political director, Lorena Gonzalez’ plan to leave her position to run Marti Emerald’s District 7 City Council campaign. Today, we saw a South Bay media outlet run with this rumor, without contacting anyone at the Labor Council to verify its accuracy.

First, there is no truth to Lorena’s rumored departure. When I asked Lorena about this, she laughed so hard she nearly fell out of her chair. Second, as far as we have heard, Marti Emerald has yet to decided if she will run. Third, if she does decide to run, Marti isn’t a lock for a labor endorsement. We do have a process, with endorsement voted on by our membership.

The moral of the story: Don’t believe everything you read on right-wing blogs.


Anonymous said...

This is just typical of Liberals spreading false information in order to legitimize their selected candidates. Marti is a tool of the corrupt union bosses and her puppet masters are just trying to cause confusion. But it doesn't matter because once voters get a whiff of her anti-American views they will show her the door! We all know that the Corrupt Unions have the Democratic party in their laps! I just find it interesting that the argument now is just who is less Liberal than the other. Bottom Line: They want to raise our taxes and weaken America because they hate strength. All they care about is appeasement to those wish to debase our country from within or without...

Anonymous said...

Haha, and he calls the left "loonies?"

Anonymous said...

I just don't know what to say about hannitized, but as for the blog posting I think it shows that sometimes posting from these conservative blogs are way off base. They are not about truth, but about starting a lie and seeing how far they can spread it.

I guess they use the same fact checkers as Rush Limburgh.