Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey, Chula Vista and Oceanside ... Were You Listening?

During Saturday night's Chargers television broadcast, commentators Billy Ray Smith and Ron Pitts took some time off from the game's play-by-play to interview a very special guest. The guest was none other than the mayor of Glendale, Arizona Elaine Scruggs.

The Chargers were in Glendale playing a pre-season game against the Arizona Cardinals at their fancy brand new stadium, that coincidentally will play host to the Super Bowl next February. The good mayor was on television to sing the economic virtues of stadium development for mid-size cities like Glendale, or Chula Vista, or even Oceanside. This is not the first time Elaine Scruggs has preached the gospel of a new stadium building. This past May, she was the featured speaker at the Current Issues Forum of San Diego entitled "Where will the Chargers touch down."

It is quite clear that new stadium in Glendale is going to play a prominent role in the narrative the Chargers are to construct as part of their PR campaign to get a new stadium. I suspect we will be hearing a lot more as the football season progresses.

On the bright side, at least Mark Fabiani will be so busy as Chargers spokesperson and he won't have the time to screw up any more Democratic presidential campaigns like he did with Wesley Clark in 2004 and Al Gore in 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Stadiums never pay off for the community. Also, in the case of Oceanside the low paying jobs would be transferred to there from San Diego. You might also want to note that the AZ stadium had tons of public money dropped into it and it will continue to suck money from the communites around it.
And last, their weather sucks and there is nowhere else so nicely air conditioned as the stadium. Big Whoop!