Thursday, August 30, 2007

Marti Emerald, Will She or Won't She

Well, it can't be avoided. Sooner or later, we would have to ask the question. Will Marti Emerald run for City Council? Clearly, the downtown establishment and developers think she will, and are running scared. They are already pouring the money into ethically-challenged April Boling's campaign, with hopes to keep Marti out of the race.

For one, I hope to God that Marti does decide to run - and shows the establishment the true definition of a reformer. Unfortunately, a friend informed me that her recent back surgery didn't go so well and that she is still mauling over her decision. But, I have to admit, even if she doesn't run... it was a good rumor that forced a whole lot of red cash to be spent on opposition research and polling.

Kudos Marti!


Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to this race of Marti versus April "Cooking the Books" Boling. I really hopes she recovers. We re4ally need to keep the City Council Blue!

Anonymous said...

Whether Marti runs or not, the traffic on the conservative blogs are at the highest alert over her possible council bid. Why are they going nuts, we may never know, unless she actually runs for office.

Here is a woman that has dedicated her life to busting scammers. A person in a simular line as a police investigator, but without the government red tape. Private enterprise. She has spoken at events, like most media types, but has never before taken any major political positions.

Though, since she is a registered Dem, spoken to labor unions and is rumored to run for an elected office these bloggers on the right question her ethics, call her a crook and if they could would ask for a federal investigation into her entire life.

No wonder we have people like federal legislators Rep Duke Cunningham, Rep Ken Calvert, Rep Jerry Lewis, Sen Ted Stevens, Sen Larry Craig, Rep Bob Ney, Rep Mark Foley, Rep Don Sherwood, Sen David Vitter, Rep Tom Delay, Rep John Doolittle, Rep Don Young, Florida state Rep Bob Allen, Gov. John Rowland , Gov Bob Taft, and even Glenn Murphy Jr. the chairman of the Clark County Republican Party and president elect of the Young Republican National Federation. Wow, there were allot more names, but it was getting ridiculously long and you should see the possible list if I included the Republicans not elected, but in political positions that our government is investigating or prosecuted for illegal actions.

So, if you are a Dem please be careful, because it seems the mouthpieces of the right don't care to learn what issues you stand for or against, but just your party registration. Oh wait, sometimes that isn't even good enough like US Senator Lincoln Chaffee.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Marti will run. I saw her walking around recently, so hopefully her back isnt too bad. I think you would have a record number of supporters, volunteers, precinct walkers for a candidate like Marti Emerald. Especially against establishment-candidate April Boling.

Anonymous said...

It is more then 9 months out before the election. So, I think the district field is still wide open at this time.

The only thing locked up is April has the developers, the same folks she fought against when she met Dick Murphy 20 years ago, but now in bed with them to get elected. Funny how that happens.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! This will continue to be a Republican seat. Once voters find out that Marti is backed by corrupt unions and America haters they will turn their back on her and her loony Liberal, American Hating views!