Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wingnut Alert!

I have to give up to Jon Fleischman over at the Flash Report for coming up with quite the theory on why the State Senate recently passed a bill placing an "straw vote" regarding Iraq on the February primary ballot. According to Fleischman: "[w]ell, it doesn't take much thought to understand that this measure authored by Democrat Senate President Don Perata is a cynical plot to drive up liberal turnout for the election on which the Perata/Nunez Career Politician Term Limits Weakening Initiative will appear. Perata (and Nunez) are completely fixated on trying to blow a hole in the state's term limits so that they can cling to their prestigious offices."

Wow Jon, and Republicans are as pure as the driven snow! They would never try anything cynical like trying to pass an initiative to change the way the state allocates its electoral votes.

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Anonymous said...

Fleischman hits the nail right on the head! Peralta is just trying to get his loony Liberals to come through for him and "Boss" Nunez to pass their "reform". As for the the electoral college reform, if that passes then maybe the Liberals in Sacramento will finally give us competitive congressional districts and assembly districts as well. Maybe turn the tide of this choking anti-American Liberalism that is plauging our state and congressional delegation...