Friday, August 31, 2007

Connecting the dots to the People’s Ordinance

I was reading the Cafe on Voice of San Diego and Craig Benedetto was posting about the cost the City of San Diego incurs from the People’s Ordinance to collect the City's trash without charging them a dime up front. He was saying it should no longer be free.

So, I started doing some research -

Not on topic: I thought it was interesting Craig represents Sunroad as their lobbyist before the City of San Diego and another 10 other lobbyists either have or do represent Sunroad in addition to Craig before the City of San Diego. Amazing how many of those lobbyist have given Sanders money too.

Back to topic. It would seem Mayor Jerry Sanders wants to bid this service out to the same people that dumped major money into his election. I don't know that for a fact he has a deal with them, but it should be no different then the selling city property deal he gave away to his contributors. Also, at this point no trash hauler has registered yet with the City of San Diego. They have only wrtten Sanders campaign checks. Isn't it stranged they dumped money into his election and the City doesn't affect their company? Why would a business use its money for something so wastefeul. No pun was intended about the trash haulers. Also, it is funny I can't find the contribution reports from San Diegans for City Hall Reform and who the "people" that supported the contracting out proposition last year, only the opposing side filed. Oh, Craig dumped money into the Mayor and the San Diegans for City Hall Reform, which is controlled by the Mayor too.

So, this is probably the test balloon by Sanders to see if he can outsource the trash haulers. Here is a phrase the Mayor is use to hearing, you've been caught, busted!

Lastly, a friend warned me about outsourcing trash and told me to look at the City of Imperial Beach. They have outsourced some of their city services, include trash and that portion of the city budget increases higher then the in-houses service costs every year when the companies "re-bid" the service. You can call it holding the city hostage, because the city can't afford to bring the service back in house. The re-start up cost is too much after it is gone.


Anonymous said...

This why Prop. C shouldn't have passed! Now this opens the door to corrupt bidding and payoffs to city officials to get sanitation contracts and such. The reason why the City does trash is to avoid such situations, I mean just look at Newark. Sanitation contract were the bread and butter of the Mafia. I mean I love the Sopranos but I don't want them in San Diego in real life...

Anonymous said...

... and why Colonel Sanders only has a part time person overseeing his big campaign contributors contracts.

Anonymous said...

Then did you read the Union-Tribune Sunday's paper? I don't have it come to my home, but read it on-line.

Turns out Colonel Sanders is selling out minority contractors to the white establishment, like the two previous white mayors. His staff first tried to deny it, then admitted after huge questioning.