Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ron you're no longer in the Minor Leagues

I'm sorry, I'm late on posting this, but props go out to Lucas O'Connor who is a regular contributor at Calitics blog, as well as a part time contributor here San Diego Politico. He has a great article is this week's City Beat detailing the sorry saga of Ron Nehring's reign as head of the California Republican Party. In particular his failured effort recently to try change the way California allocates its electoral votes. Go read the whole article, its a good read.


bluediegan said...

Just as a side note in the same issue of city beat there is a great article on how Carl DeMaio tricks people into going to his fund raisers!
A fun read!

City Beat got it wrong... said...

actually, i'm a democrat and i attended carl's event. city beat was off-base with their article. it didn't reflect anything like the event i attended. i don't agree with carl on everything, but i'm cautiously optimistic with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, any Democrat who is even remotely optomistic about Carl DeMaio should have their head checked. He is 100% Grover Norquist - the only "dem" thing about him is the fact that he finally came out of the closet and admitted he is gay. So, I guess he has shed the traditional Republican "family values". Otherwise, he is far to the right of anything we have ever seen in town.

Still Proud Dem said...

I agree with the last comment.

The only Democrat that would support Carl would be one that was either threaten by him or one that must work with him for business.

Even the Reps don't like the guy, but they fear his revenge. I know several Reps that have told this Dem that they are supporting him only because they think he will win and he will try to ruin them in the party, if they don't support him.

Lastly, knowing that Carl's mentor is Karl Rove would make any true Democrat think very hard in trusting this guy.

Some facts please said...

What are you talking about? How do you know Carl has even met Karl Rove? Seriously, if you are going to make a claim, get your facts right.

Don't Mess with Carl said...

WOW...take a look at this.

All I gotta say is rough!

Anonymous said...

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