Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't You Just Love Mondays?

I love Mondays. I really do. My favorite part of the day is hearing the tidbits of gossip that made the rounds over the weekend. Here are some of my favorites to start the week:

1) The Republicans are trying to encourage Maxine Sherard to throw her hat in the ring for the 78th. They figure that her name recognition, as a result of the millions spent last year, would make her the front-runner for the Dem nomination. Why would they want that? She would be a much easier candidate in the general compared to a Marty Block or Arlie Ricasa. Especially now that former Police Chief David Bejerano has decided to wait it out for Sheriff instead, and all they have is their "yes man" John McCann. If the Black Caucus wants a candidate in the 78th, I doubt it will be Maxine Sherard, I would say San Diego City Councilmember Tony Young is much more likely a candidate. Although, neither have expressed much interest.

2) Republican Luis Acle, I hear, will not be running for re-election on the San Diego City Schools Board of Trustees. That will leave that position wide open for Democrat Richard Barrera.

3) Republican Shirley Horton is planning to return to Chula Vista for a City Council run against Steve Castenada. Gotta love how the Republicans eat their own. I hear she wants to set herself up for a 2012 run for Greg Cox's seat. However, Senator Denise Ducheny and Councilmember Ben Hueso have also previously expressed in interest in that seat.

4) There has been some talk about the Republican elected officials who WON'T be supporting ethically-challenged April Boling's run for District 7 City Council. Among those past and present Republican electeds who supposedly have a beef with Boling: the entire County Board of Supervisors, former Mayor Dick Murphy, former Councilwoman Judy McCarty, current Councilman Jim Madaffer, La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid, County Treasurer Dan McCallister, (need I continue). I'll be interested to see if Marti can pull endorsements from any of the above, or if they will eventually fall in line with the Downtown Establishment. Seems Boling has a hard time making and keeping friends, even among her base.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Maxine? Really? I knew they had no faith in John McCann but are you kidding me? I hope SOMS is paying attention!
As for D7 that would be great if Madaffer or McCarty just stay out. However I'm more concerned about where Jerry's going to stay out or endorse. Even after Sunroad he still has a lot of pull with voters and will cause problems if he butts in by endorsing Boling. I mean this guy made Falconer look palatable a few years back and let me tell you that in itself is a miracle because that tool didn't even deserve to run in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Horton will attempt to win a council seat again. I can see the attack ad on Horton.

Horton, learns the inside tricks of Sacramento and now she wants to bring those some tricks home. - Tell Horton, thanks but no thanks.

Horton, is so addicted to the public trough, she left Chula Vista for Sacramento money. Now she wants to come home for another round. - Tell Horton no thanks, we passed term limits to stop this type of revolving door.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Republican Carl DeMaio might also endorse Marti Emerald over April Boling. April was no friend of Carl back during the Murphy years when he was rabble-rousing to unearth the problems at city hall. Carl loathes the downtown establishment (which considers April their darling) and Marti and he are similar watchdog personalities.

Anonymous said...

I love how your posting suggests that the Democratic Nominee will be Arlie or Marty. Ever heard of Auday Arabo? Sure, he's not supported by the gay club in the district (posing as a Democratic club) but he has raised over $500,000. That's more than any Democratic legislator or legislative candidate in the State. He has three times as much as Arlie and Marty combined!

He has endorsements from Democratic State Treasurer John Chaing, Democratic Assembly Assistant Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, Democratic Senator Leland Yee, and DEMOCRATIC Assemblymembers Nicole Parra and Cindy Montanez.

Go to to find out more!

Anonymous said...

Dear Agathha:

First and formost...Did you forget Auday Arobo in your analysis of the 78th?

He is the front runner in two regards...he has a treasure chest that will not end and he, has already knocked some sense into Bejerano by being the true public safety candidate, so in a district that has put Shirley Horton in office three times, a moderate republican, what makes you think that you can ignore Auday?

Call him he is a really nice guy.

We know as democrats that Marty and Arlie have the right credentials but can they win in the 78th. Either of them could win in 79th. Marty could even win in the 76th but until they redo the boundary lines for the 78 a liberal democrat is not going to do well in the 78th.

On another note: Can you confirm your gossip about shirley? Most people assume she will run in the open seat. What beef are you not telling us about between her and Steve Castaneda who is now in independent?

While we are on the subject of independence and April boling. Well maybe her breathing is the only thing we can say is independent. She is so entrenched with the millionaire mafia better known as downtown elites or the mayor's supporters or ccdc... but I am ramblling now.

Good luck with the gossip. And please confirm Shirley's run. I would hate to see that race. She can only raise 56,000 as a termed out assemblywomen, so I will be looking for her to open a new committee. I hope she decides to be an industry consultant like the other has know Juan Vargas.

Anonymous said...

Not saying Auday can't win or should not be taken as a creditable candidate. But remember money does not win election. There is a grave filled with rich people spending money on elections like it was going out of style and they lost.

Anonymous said...

Auday has brought together the right and left like never before!

Before the November election he was giving money to our local Young Republicans club, and speaking to groups in support of Billbray and against the tobacco tax. I went to a Republican-dominated event in opposition to the tobacco tax last year, and there he was railing against tax-and-spend liberals and everything.

He talked to several Republican activists and county party leadership about wanting to run for the Assembly as one of us. There wasn't a lot of interest because we thought he had too many vulnerabilties to win in the 78th - a District where we can't afford to have a weak nominee.

After being pushed aside, he got some promises from some friends in Sacramento, and switched to be a Democrat!

Now he is seen as a traitor to GOPers, and a phony to Demos. And he should be a laughing stock to Independents.

Your Democratic nominees are all awful, and a Republican is going to win in November. My only hope is that we've effectively cleared the field in the Republican primary so I can go after Auday just for the sport of it.

He could have $400,000 as currently reported, or the $500,000 he is telling people, or hte $750,000 he says he will raise before December. None of it matters.

Political Cost of supporting liquor stores that sell tobacco and alcohol to teens: $350,000

Vulnerability from gambling, tobacco and polluter donations in the Democratic Primary: $250,000

Damage from being a Republican turned Democrat Hypocrit: $Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hey angry yaffer, does all that bitterness inside keep you warm at night?

Anonymous said...

Well first of all I think it's a little divisive to state that the San Diego Democratic Club is "posing" as a Democratic club. Yes, it's a gay organization but the San Diego Democrats for Disiblity Rights is a club comprised of members who have disibilities, but that doesn't mean it's not a democratic club.

Also, Auday voted for Bilbray, and only became a Democrat 8 months ago. So I tend to think of him as someone "posing" as a Democrat. There, hows that!

Anonymous said...

I like it when a Republican calls a Democratic Club "posing" as a Democratic Club. It is like a Democratic says Jerry Sanders is "posing" as a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Real Americans will vote for Real American values and will reject the Liberal/Gay/Appeasement agenda of the "Democrat" party!

Anonymous said...

Shirley is not using the 2008-2012 council seat term to run for Cox supervisorial seat--YET--it is simply a safe spot to park until she can run for Ducheney's state senate seat when Ducheney terms out out in 2010. She can run for that statewide office and if she loses, she still gets to stay in her safe city council seat until that gig is up in 2012. Then if she does lose, she can still make a run in 2012 for Cox's seat. It's a completely safe strategy for her.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you forget that real American values ARE liberal values.

Anonymous said...

American values isn't destroying marriage by allowing gays to marry, American values aren't debasing this nation by saying America is the #1 terrorist nation and accepting Noam Chomsky and believing his hate America crap! That's your Liberal Values not American Values. American values are keeping America strong and fighting the real terrorists whether it be a jihadi in Iraq or a Liberal appeaser in the U.S.