Sunday, September 30, 2007

Please don't eat your young

The Democrats in Washington, D.C. are about to complete their first year as the majority of both chambers. In addition, next year's election they could take back the White House and win enough seats in the Senate to stop a Republican fillerbuster. The House could even get closer to over-riding a Presidential veto, but that is still far off.

In Sacramento, the Democrats could take the additional seats needed to have a 2/3 membership in both chambers and make the Republicans useless for good.

However, the Democrats are going to follow the lead of the Republicans and eat their young. The Republicans are about to eject Mayor Jerry Sanders, because he has finally seen the light and supports gay marriage, they are ejecting Assemblymember George Plescia, because he supports Carl Demaio for coming out of the closet (yes, he is gay), Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for supporting health care reform and Mayor Rudy Giuliani over a woman's right to choice.

The Democratic Party and activists should first focus on finding where they can agree and pass legislation, then to fight about their differences. Remember, the Republicans will have enough to fight Democrats over.

Don't eat your young and just elect more of your Democrats!


Anonymous said...

What good is it, if we get more Democrats who vote like Dianne Feinstein or Susan Davis? Democrats were elected into the majority to accomplish a few things, such as ending the end the war, and bringing impeachment hearings against this president who has committed violence against the Constitution. That's why Congress has only 11 percent approval.

Anonymous said...

Legit question, sans snark and zero animosity intended...

What is Durfee and the local San Diego Democratic party doing to help find/develop "good" or "better" democratic candidates here in San Diego for all levels of public service?

Jesse Rubin

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Democrats utter capitulation on the FISA bill. That was a day that made me proud to be a Democrat!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Who cares that the "Democrat" party is trying to determine who is more Anti-American than the next. I'm just glad that the Republican Party are attempting to weed out the RINO's and support real Americans that support real American values and not the Liberal/Gay/Appeasement agenda.