Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More on the 78th

So, I would be remiss to not respond to some of the comments regarding yesterday's post on the race for the 78th AD. Truth is, I don't think Auday Arabo has a chance to become the Democratic nominee for the 78th. Personally, I have met Auday. I think he is a nice guy, affable - someone I could enjoy a beer and a ballgame with. But, he is not electable. In a Dem primary, he has no party credentials, save some out of town legislators who have benefited from his lavish donations. One might say that he has basically bought every endorsement he has received. Second, the Speakers office and Labor only care about winning this thing in the general. Hard to imagine that a guy who is on video as a voter in the Iraqi elections is going to win any critical conservative Dem or cross-over vote in the general. I think the troops will rally around one of their own: Marty Block or Arlie Ricasa. That being said, JAgatha is a loyal Dem who will be glad to support Auday IF he is the nominee. After all, Republican John McCann is the epitome of sloppy seconds, and no one likes those.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they spent 92 million dollars trying to hold Iraqi elections in 14 different countries and we are footing the bill. Maybe Arabo has a point, couldn't they just spring for absentee voting? I mean you're already spending 92 mill, what's a few more?

Anonymous said...

J Agatha,

I would be careful with the criteria you use to make a Democrat a good Democrat.

How may of us who are Latino, Jewish and/or European and have dual citizenship and vote in the Presidential elections of our additional country(s) are bad Democrats. Are you encouraging us to leave the party?

Tell us more about your concerns and observations. I am thinking that you may have created a "sloppy seconds" category for millions of Democrats.

Please explain yourself. I think that your cheap shot merits an apology to Auday and all of us!!!!!! Hate is not acceptable in our party.

Left of 619 said...

I can't get the video to work on this computer, but I get the point, and it does give me a sick feeling in my stomach.

I have heard of people saying that Auday can't win because he is Iraqi, and given the tenor of the current international political climate that voters would not want to elect someone who is from a country we are at war with.

As Democrats I don't think this is appropriate. Besides, there are enough reasons to oppose him for what he has DONE, not what he IS!

You've actually made me feel sorry for the guy - and that's a tough feat. Please don't do it again.

Realistic said...

Oh PLease - Jagatha was just posting what Arabo would get hit with in a general election. Did you see what the Republicans did to Maxine Sherard last time? Most of us on this board are progressive Democrats, but that doesn't mean we can't be realistic about what will be used in a general election. And, Auday voting for an Iraqi government would definitely come up and sink him in a general.

Still Proud Dem said...

Remembering we are talking about an election "politics" and how the general public will see it mailer after mailer painting Auday voting in the Iraqi election.

As a proud Democrat I do not care. However, thinking of the general public they could question Auday loyality to the US or Iraq. If I am wrong, then why do I get mailers questioning loyality of candidates of Mexican descent? Also, we are seeing this from the other side with the Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. People question him, because he is Mormon, yes being Mormon.

So, do not underestimate the negative mail we will see in this tight election.

As for sloppy seconds, I read in a post earlier the other day that John McCann was pushed out of the race by the Replican Party for another person. However, now that person is out of the race and the Republican Party thinks McCann is good. What do you call that one?

bluediegan said...

xzemlowvLook. Bottom line with McCann in the race this weakens Auday's argument that he's the only one to win in November. Repubs have chosen a candidate that can be attacked as just another right-wing hack, I know the Repubs have been pumping him up again as a guy who will walk and fight for the district but c'mon outside of East Chula Vista this guy is only known within active Repub circles. Do you really see him going into the 4th District and going door-to-door in Encanto? Or Valencia Park? Or Skyline Hills? Any candidate that can go into the 4th and also go have good name id in East CV would be perfect for this race. Also given McCann's views on social justice and education reform might cause him some serious issues in this district as well. As for Auday, his strength was that he could bring in money to compete against a candiate that would have been extremely attractive moderate like Bejerano, McCann is not Bejerano so is easier to take on. Also I see many issues with Auday's campaign. In the 4th I think the fact that he was a liquor lobbyist will be used against him since many people there resent the fact that feel that they are a dumping ground for liquor stores and that there are only 2 real supermarkets in the whole district. With double d Dems, the fact that he worked against Francine Busby will be used. Being a presidential year and real enthusiasm among the grassroots on our candidates I don't think that would be welcomed.
Also on a personal note where was Auday when the RNC ran those hateful ads on immigration reform and against Busby? If anyone can answer that I would appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

J agatha,

for someone who thinks they know how to research go back to Research for Dummies. The video you posted clearly does not show Auday voting.