Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What's up with Voice of San Diego?

One of the things I like about VOSD is the Cafe San Diego, where they have different local personalities host every weekday. For the second day this week, however, Cafe San Diego has featured Loren Casuto who is a writer for Bolttalk.com on to discuss the Chargers.

Now, I'm a San Diego sports fan like everyone else, and it has been a rough two weeks or so watching both the Chargers and Padres play. But are you telling that their are not more important issues to be discussed? Just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

What so you'd like them to talk about how forwarding the Gay Special Rights agenda is a good thing? Or how America should admit that it is the most evil country in the world and that Global Warming is a bigger threat than Global Jihad?
Typical Liberal/Gay/Appeasement thinking!