Thursday, November 8, 2007

District 3: Race Update

Last night the Chicano Democratic Association in a close vote endorsed Todd Gloria over Stephen Whitburn for next year's Council District 3 race. The endorsement is another sign that most of the momentum in the race seems to be going in Todd Gloria's direction. And it is hard not to think that Stephen Whitburn's campaign has stalled a bit, especially considering that a few weeks ago he replaced his campaign manager. It is going to be interesting to see how this race continues to unfold in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Did Stephen place all his "eggs" in the basket of the Dem Club or what?

Anonymous said...

Todd Gloria is Latino; Stephen Whitburn is not. Gloria should have been able to walk away with this endorsement in a landslide; but instead, the vote was "close".

The fact that Gloria had to struggle to convince what should have been one of his natural constituencies to support him tells us that his Republican, Chamber of Commerce funding isn't going to buy this election for him.

San Diego electoral history is littered with the carcasses of campaigns that tried to use downtown funding as a substitute for grassroots shoe leather and energy.

If you want more Enron-by-the-Sea, vote the way the country club set wants you to. If you want to continue to clean up city government, there is another, very different choice.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the vote wasn't close. It was 11 to 2. Gloria beat Steve fair and square at one of the most progressive clubs in San Diego. I imagine the result will be the same on June 3.

BTW, who's feeding you this Republican/Chamber of Commerce baloney? The same person who told you that losing 11 to 2 is "close?"

Anonymous said...

Note to "Anonymous": the person who told me it was a close vote is San Diego Politico -- you know, the person who wrote the post? ("District 3: Race Update -
Last night the Chicano Democratic Association in a close vote endorsed....")

Who's telling you it was an 11-2 vote? The same person who's telling you that money that comes from Republicans and from Chamber of Commerce interests isn't Republican, Chamber of Commerce funding?