Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday - Quick Hits

Continued fallout from Labor Day beach riot, City Council passes 1-year Alcohol Ban on all city beaches. UT VOSD

Trying to profit from the wildfires disaster, the D.A. nabs 8 unlicensed contractors in fraud investigation. UT

General Jack Ripper be on alert, the county moves closer to fluoridating water. UT

As Bush's failed war in Iraq continues, Veterans group seeks holiday donations. UT

Local Paper comes out against crazy Darrel Issa scheme to steal votes. NCTimes

11 city schools honored for improved test scores. VOSD


Lucas said...

What better way to maximize undermanned police resources than to stretch them even thinner to enforce prohibition? It worked out pretty well in the 20s.

Anonymous said...

I can't walk down the street carrying a beer, why is it acceptable if it is at the beach? This has always been a double standard that I didn't understand.