Friday, November 9, 2007

Week Wrap-Up

Things have been especially quiet on the Democratic political front these past few weeks. But are looking to heat up soon.

** Next week the Democratic Central Committee is scheduled to vote on an early endorsement of Mike Aguirre. Quite a few Central Committee members are balking at the idea because of Mike's increasingly erratic behavior. A few people are even suggesting a possible Scott Peters run would be more acceptable to party insiders. The big unknown is if labor will take a position before Tuesday.

** Apparently Marti Emerald's name id may be helping Marty Block in his Assembly Race for the 78th AD. A poll that has been circulated shows Block with unusually high name id, especially in areas where the 78th and the 7th City Council District overlap, and some are speculating it has to do with voter confusion. I am sure Marty will take the a primary win anyway he can get it.

** San Diego's City Council Presidency looks like it will stay with a Democrat. According to the VOSD article today, Scott Peters will retain his position as Council President rather than letting a Republican take over the reigns. Kudos to the Dem Party for insisting the Dems on the Council act like Dems for once, maybe this will become a trend.

** Another Steve Francis sighting. This time, Francis was seen at the progressive environmental dinner for San Diego Coast Keepers. I guess he is really going for a full make-over. Maybe Jim Bell will drop out of the Mayoral race and endorse Francis.

** According to our conservative counterparts at Red County, San Diego City Councilman Brian Maienschein is considering a challenge to incumbent County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price. The best part of the post, which was up yesterday, were the now deleted comments. According to bloggers, Maienschein is getting a divorce and has been having an affair with a city hall staffer. I am all for free speech, so if anyone knows more FACTS, feel free to post here.


Anonymous said...

Remember too that Marty Block has represented District D of the Community College Board for 8 years and they have overwhelmingly voted for him in two elections. This district overlaps almost entirely with the 7th Council District (and 4th Council District too, also a part of the 78th AD).

Anonymous said...

You MUST see this!!

Anonymous said...

Auday Arabo is a disrespectful little turd! He smirks and rolls his eyes when the other candidates are speaking. I can't stand this phony Democrat. He's always been a Repug, and only registered as a Dem to run for the 78th. Just last year he was (and said he will always) support and donate $ to Lobbyist Bilbray. I like that Dump Arabo MySpace page. In fact, I wrote to John Chiang, asking him not to soil his name and dump that little twit Arabo!