Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mayor's Charter Review Committee to Present at Rules Committee

The Mayor's Charter Review Committee will be presenting their recommendations at the City Council Rules Committee meeting today, November 7th in about an hour. This issue will certainly be a major position of debate for the 2008 season.

You can see the committees proposed changes and what the changed proposals would mean to San Diego at:

The Mayor's committee plan is to put these initiatives on the June 2008 ballot. The proposed changes to the charter include: the creation of three additional city council seats, making the strong-mayor form of government permanent, increasing the mayor's veto power with a two-thirds super-majority of 8 council members in order to override a veto, making the mayor executive director of the Redevelopment Agency and the ability to make nominations to the Port District.

A couple of recent articles give an overview of the committee's decisions and go into detail about the backroom style of the committee:

San Diego's backroom 'reform' L.A. Times Op-ed by Steve Erie and Norma Damashek
What a Super-Size City Council Would Look Like VOSD's Evan McLaughlin

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