Thursday, November 8, 2007

Filner supports bill to end Blackwater contracting

The UT is reporting this afternoon:

WASHINGTON – Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif. (San Diego), is backing legislation to replace private security contractors in Iraq, including Blackwater Worldwide, with military or State Department guards.

The proposal to replace hundreds of contractors within six months of passage of the bill ran into resistance from the State Department, which contends the federal governmentlacks enough trained specialists to take the place of private contractors who are protecting U.S. diplomats.

It is good to see Bob Filner being responsive to the Blackwater issue. I wish some of the other members of the San Diego delagation were as responsive when it comes to the Blackwater issue.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Dennis Hollingsworth hooked up with Blackwater and why has his staff gone to great lengths to slander Blackwater competitors in San Diego? This campaign of defamation was done while Hollingsworth's staff was on the clock. Aides follow direction of their bosses. They don't introduce Blackwater executives around town and slander competitors while on the clock unless they are under orders.

Jerry VanDeWeghe, from Hollingsworth's office, slandered Blackwater competitors to poise Blackwater for upcoming Navy training contracts in the area. Hollingsworth later stated he knew nothing about it even though it was done on the clock by his closest aide, VanDeWeghe.

VanDeWeghe later wrote a letter of apology and Hollingsworth stated that his aide did this while working as a private consultant. What...??? VanDeWeghe attends political meetings hand in hand with Brian Bonfiglio, Blackwater's VP of the Poterero project.

Hollingsworth is part of the problem and most likely believes he will profit if he plays ball with the likes of Blackwater.