Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Seeing Through the Smoke: The San Diego Fires

I just received an email from a fellow activist to be forward on to those that care about this issues and so I decided to make it my post for today. Below you will find an interesting video of a talk given by historian Mike Davis last week on the San Diego Fires.

Watch Mike Davis speak on how the right is spinning the tragedy as a triumph of Republican values. You can view the talk here.

Celebrated historian Mike Davis is the author of In Praise of Barbarians, Planet of Slums, Ecology of Fear, and many other influential books. In this provocative talk, he shows that as soon as the San Diego fires started, right-wing politicians began to apply spin.

The real tragedy of the fires occurred on Otay Mountain, east of San Diego where six immigrants were found dead and eleven more were horribly burned. When San Diego's mainstream media finally got to this story, they argued that it shows how American taxpayers are being forced to provide free health care to "illegal aliens."


Anonymous said...

To quote Jeapardy the TV show...

I'll take "Conspiracy Theorist" for $200.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Liberal Losers! Is this where you tell me that Special Ops started the fire to prop up the elected Republicans who saved countless lives and that this was the same group that blew up WTC 7? You people make me sick! Go ahead and whine about these on illegals who are mooching off our welfare system that you whole heartedly support to weaken America from its values. Is Noam Chomsky next to speak? May the Liberal/Gay/Terror enabling party finally die the death it deserves!