Monday, December 3, 2007

Call it the Núñez Rule

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Fair Political Practices Commission is considering a proposal at its December 13th meeting that would require politicians who use their campaign funds for dining, gifts, and traveling "to prove those expenditures are related to governmental or political business." The FPPC also is going to consider a proposal requiring nonprofit groups that get involved in political campaigns to reveal their donors.[Link]

"Together, the proposed reforms aim to better inform voters about who is bankrolling ballot measure campaigns and tighten vague laws under which some politicians." Over the past couple of months Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez (D-Los Angeles), has come under fire for lavishly spending campaign funds on travel, meals and gifts.[Link]

If the proposals are adopted by the FPPC, "politicians would have to attach a memo to their spending reports that shows the nature and recipient of gifts, details about who partook of meals and how travel related to governmental or political purposes."[Link]

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Anonymous said...

About frackin' time they went after Fabian!