Friday, December 7, 2007

Some End of the Week Reflections

Last night at the San Diego County Democratic Party - Central Region meeting, Both Marti Emerald in city council district 7 and Sherri Lightner in city council district 1 were recommended for early endorsement to the Central Committee meeting in January.

With the announcement earlier this week that Scott Barnett is dropping out of the race for Mitz Lee school board seat, leaves John Lee Evans as the only announced candidate to fill the seat. The word on the street is that Barnett is going to be involved in one of the Republican campaigns for City Attorney?

Speaking of the City Attorney, I have heard this week that Mike Aguirre has retained the services of Al Ducheny, the husband of State Senator Denise Ducheny, to manager his re-election campaign.

Finally, Auday Arabo will get to face Democratic activists for the first time in January. The Chicano Democratic Association has scheduled their 78th Assembly candidate interviews for January 9th.


Anonymous said...

Scott Barnett dropped out of the SD School Board race because HE COULDN'T WIN.

Word on the street is Mitz Lee is having second thoughts about running against Carl DeMaio and might jump back into her school board race.

Anonymous said...

Al Ducheny? Sounds like Aguirre is putting personal ties over competetance again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some facts for you.

1. Auday has already particpated in forums with democratic activists.

2. Auday has been an active member of the Chicano Democratic Association.